3-Monitor Video Door Entry System with LUNA monitors and Proximity Reader CAT5 series

3-Monitor Video Door Entry System with LUNA monitors and Proximity Reader CAT5 series

Product Features

  • High resolution 7" Master monitor stores 120 colour pictures on internal memory
  • Interfaces with CCTV cameras up to 3 for total security!
  • CCD camera SURFACE MOUNT in cast iron housing and the latest technology of digital imaging guarantees a sharp crystal clear picture
  • Connect 2 x camera/bell unit or 1 x CCTV camera without any additional devise!
  • Expandable up to 4 monitors and 3 audio handsets. Working distance up to 300 meters with additional RG59 cable.

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Advanced intercom system with a difference, not only you can monitor your front door and talk to your visitors like you would with a standard system, with this system all installed monitors or audio phones can talk to each other and all monitors and audio phones have total control including opening all types of electric door and gate locks (the system also provides 12v for the locks or dry contacts for gate openers). The system also supports a connection of up to 4-door stations using a 4-way interface board, or a mixture of door stations and security camera's (CCTV camera's), 4 door stations or 4 security camera's allowed or a mixture of both totalling up to 4, imagine being able to monitor anywhere within your premises, indoor or outdoor using CCTV camera's (play grounds, the yards, indoor rooms, granny flats, store room, use your imaginations as the list of places are endless). Operation for Intercom: When the system is connected with multi Indoor monitors, intercommunications is available, Intercom calling can be started by any indoor monitor by pressing the intercom button, the other monitors will ring, other monitors can take the call by pressing talk. Operation for Multi Door Stations (Cameras): When a Door Station calls, the indoor monitor will display the view of the calling door station automatically and communication is available after pressing the talk button. Cable: The system requires and uses 4 core screened cable RVVP for distance of up to 30 meters, 10 meters included in package. If the distance is greater than 30 meters and for up to 300 meters additional RG 59 coaxial cable is required. PACKAGE CONTAINS:1 x 7" Master monitor with build-in image recorder(Dimentions255x160x30mm); 2 x slave monitors; 1 x Outdoor CCD camera unit (Dimentions 160x60x 28mm) 3 x 10 meters cable; Mounting brackets and screws; Instruction manual

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