abrepuertas Standard 540 abd-s Max Fermax 64551

abrepuertas Standard 540 abd-s Max Fermax 64551 abrepuertas Standard 540 abd-s Max Fermax 64551

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In an installation of intercom is possible to activate the door opening of the entrance to the building and allow the access of the visit from the phone or monitor of the housing to press the button "key" Door Opening. A door opening of recessed is composed by an electric mechanism and an armor.

Technical Features: Door opening standard 540 abd-s Max Fermax 64551 home

Reversible (DIN DIN right or left). Allows the Opening to both right left. Symmetrical. Allows change of hand holding the symmetry of the body.

The DIN establishes the sense of opening of the door and called the type of door opening installed. Noting the door from the side in which the hinges are visible:

- If the hinges are to the observer's izquiera, is of a door opening DIN left.

- If the hinges are on the right of the observer, this is a door opening DIN right.

D unlocking. The door opening Includes a manual release lever, that inhibits its operation, allowing the free access.

Adjustable: The max latch door opening Includes an adjustable latch, allowing an exact fit between the bolt and the latch of the lock, with a 4 mm margin allows that the blade of the door not press the latch the door opening.

Armor of recessed type S for doors of step.

3-Hole Metallic Grey Type S that united to an electric mechanism form a door opening of recessed.

Replaces the reference Fermax 2910 home.

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