Danfoss - Nozzle - 0,60G 80 ° LES - : 030F8712

Danfoss - Nozzle - 0,60G 80 ° LES - : 030F8712

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The function of a nozzle is to spray the oil being pushed from the pressure provided by the pump and to atomize the oil in tiny droplets. These drops become surrounded by

air and can burn cleanly

Feature of a nozzle:

capacity in gallon, spray angle and spray pattern.

Danfoss oil nozzle programm consists of a wide range of nozzles.

They propose steel nozzles which can replace nozzles from other brands

with similar characteristics, shape and performanceWARNING, some of our products are very specific and a lot of photographs do look alike. A part may look similar to one you have on your equipment (like a boiler or a water heater...) without being compatible with. Before ordering, do not hesitate to ask our advice by giving us the brand and model of your equipment or the code of the defective part.