Door Intercom with Additional Call Station DT4 (German Import)

Door Intercom with Additional Call Station DT4 (German Import)

Product Features

  • Intercom 2 wire bus
  • Digital DT27 TD7
  • PS4 24 transformer, DPS bus distribution board

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DT591 + DT27SD td7/PS4 + DPS the complete system consists of the station DT591 on the outside for living unit in the 2DRAHTSTANDART and 1 monitor Model dt27 SD td7 a PS4 transformer and a DPS power switch. With larger systems please use our request form dt27 td7 •; 24 V PS4 24 V or PS5 •; 7 inch diagonal screen size/Resistive Digital Touch Screen • Image Resolution: 800 * 3 x 480 pixels resolution • With TV function for extra monitor or TV •; additional push button can be connected •; Dip ID configuration for monitor location and• External Bell can be connected •; Interkomm function in the house with name list (software) •; Lens 4 monitors in an apartment (via same dip Code) at DMR11 could otherwise PC • - Power Consumption < 400 mA in operation/Standby •, night the chime functions Volume 0 DT591 • Direct connection of two electronic locks •; 2 x cable for Outer/Station 2 to lock •; 6 LED for night vision •; 4 outer stations can be connected to a system sides •; Metal Housing •; Illuminated name plate •; Rain Cover including •; can be surface mounted DJ4 audio station 197x97,1x33,2 mm •, Audio Station for DT video intercom system •, touch sensor buttons •; Time display & #X2022; Compatible with: All DT monitors 7 segment LED display Lens Adjustment information handset removed and talk to the visitor (no hands-free conversations) unlock button 1: opens door opener 1 All The Angewählten Door Intercom Unlock button 2: Opens the door opener 2 The Angewählten Door System (if on station intended) menu setting Press and hold the button for 2 second cancel button Break all the function speaker ringer Output

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