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B & W monitor Signo buckle + Clamp URMET 1740/20

Comes complete with stirrup, for replacement of old monitors of coaxial installation

Video Monitor Mount for maintenance of old plants

Monitor with law accessibilite

? Replaces the following monitors:





Scout 1204/20

Sentry 1704/20 and 1704/20 A

'? 3 Black and White 4 (10 cm).

? Case made from ABS plastic.

? Wall mounted with a bracket (not included) allows an adjustment of the verticalité.

? Call volume control Three levels: fort-moyen-coupure.

? Call signal red circle on the skin.

? Image Brightness and Contrast.

? Gloss white ABS handset with magnetic buckle call of the speaker for listening and, as well as from the microphone. It is connected to the base by a cord and RJ connector.

? A touch of light for opening the door at the bottom.

? Three additional keys for additional orders, whether planned to the system (ABS).

? Dimensions (HxWxD): 225 x 205 x 50 mm.

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