TCS Läutewerk FIL1101-0140

TCS Läutewerk FIL1101-0140

Product Features

  • Suitable for home intercom
  • Installation technology = Bus of system
  • Expansion Class = other
  • Material = Plastic

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Acoustic signalling by 39 different Ruftöne; distributed over 3 Tone sections (ISH1030/ISH3030/Skyline), to choose for max. 2 sets of house, tier door and internal call; Call Tone Recognition in various door stations (as < = Asgrenz and as > Asgrenz, adjustable Asgrenz); Ring tone differentiate at 4 Subruftönen - Call On/Off Switch On The casing; Parallel classification with TCSK01, Configo or IRRemote control; Button The Solar Panel and Storage Bank can charge all the factory settings, Operation with infrared remote control, automatic Durchsage to several FIL1101 to internal call for second parallel contact number; Volume for ring and Durchsage Digital in 8 levels of magnetic resistance, two wire and three strands of wire. (in Zweidrahtbe up drive 2 devices to be operated in parallel); update capability via ISP connector; 2-wire technology: Input Current (2 Wire): I (a) = 1.5 mA in peace; 3 Wire Technology: Input Current (3-wire): I (a) = 0.2 mA, I (P) = 1.3 mm ma in peace, which offers maximum input current: I (Rating:) = 70 mA; Colour/Material: We

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