Product Features

  • Users can welcome and filter visitors using the handset, remotely listen to background sounds at entrances, communicate with another handset and control up to 16 automatic systems from the home : • up to 4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access), • up to 4 automatic gates (car access), • up to 4 automatic garage doors*, • up to 4 lighting receivers *. * Associated receivers required
  • The latch and/or automatic gate can be controlled from the callpoint using the proxi-tag. Full duplex digital communication Up to 4 indoor handset units per call point/controller. Inter-handset communication The status of entrances and lighting can be viewed on the handset screen at any time. The handset can be used in hands-free or hand-held mode
  • HANDSET FEATURES 9 types of ring tone and 4 sound levels possible LCD screen for viewing: • the status of the latch or gate (open or closed) for each entrance if a position contact is connected, • the status (on/off) of the automatic garage door, • the status of batteries, • the quality of radio reception, • the audio level setting, • the status (on/off) of outdoor lighting.
  • Battery life of up to 5 years Power supply • Controller: lithium battery power supply. 5-year battery life in normal household conditions of use, i.e.: 2 communications, 7 latch operations and 6 gate operations a day (without outdoor caller unit back-lighting). Solar panel powering possible. CALLPOINT FEATURES Access codes (up to 16) can be enabled or disabled. The sound level of the key beeps and ring tone are automatically reduced at night Anti-vandal brushed metal armoured cover
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Outdoor caller unit with badge reader

Single Dwelling - 12-24v ac or dc powered controller, mains-powered handset unit

The SC901AU system includes:

o 1 back-lit outdoor unit with badge reader - MHF01X

o 1 armoured cover for 1 dwelling outdoor caller unit - DB601

o 1 proximity badge - TAGID

o 1 12-24 ac controller b - SC200AU

o 1 indoor handset unit with mains-powered recharging base - SC100AU


• Optwin® bi-directional dual-channel digital radio transmission.

• Up to 400 m free field range (depending on environmental and installation conditions).

• Hands-free or hand-held operation.

• 9 different tunes, allocation of a tone for each entrance or calling handset.

• Silence mode during calls: back-lighting enabled, handset ring tone disabled.

• Indication of missed visitor calls.

• 4 latches, 4 automatic gates, 4 automatic garage doors and 4 lights can be controlled per handset.

• Remote listening to background sounds at the outdoor caller unit and two-way speech possible.

• Communication automatically cut off after 3 minutes.

• Display of status of entrances and garage doors (open or closed) and of lighting (on or off).

• Display of outdoor temperature (measured on the controller) and indoor temperature (measured on the handset).

• Volume setting of ring tones, communication and outdoor caller unit.

• Customisation (8 characters) of each input, control device or handset.

• Choice of 6 languages for the handset unit: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch.

• Base to be placed on a table or fixed to a wall using the T-bracket supplied.

• Power supply

- handset: MTU01X lithium-ion battery supplied, rechargeable on base,- base: BatLi23 lithium battery pack (2 x 3.6 V - 18 Ah) supplied.

• Degrees of protection: IP31 / IK04.

• Handset dimensions (W x H x D): 54 x 150 x 28 mm.

• Weight of handset with base: 565 g.

• Operating temperature: - 5°C to + 55°C.

• Indoor use.

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